Vibrant Vegetables and Fruits

Welcome to the website for Tastes Like Love! I invite you to engage with the information on this site: comment on the blog posts, check out the photo galleries, sign up for your free gift, and contact us with questions and comments!

This website is another in a series of recent firsts for me: writing and publishing the first book in a series, quitting a secure job of almost 20 years to start a business, and now, creating my first website!

My intent was to hold the energy of love while putting together these pages, though I do admit that the energy of frustration took over my being from time to time! I am so grateful to the support team at Elegant Themes; they helped me through many a technical challenge!

I hope that you will find something in these web pages and posts to inspire you to eat more plants and less animal products, or to leave animals completely off your plate. Your health, the well-being of the animals, the sustainability of the planet, and the cause of human food justice will all be served by that action! Please let me know if you are interested in support. I would love to serve you in this endeavor.