About Tastes Like Love

Tastes Like Love refers to many things: an example of a principle, a division of a company, a collection of culinary classes, a set of programs and services for transforming dietary patterns, and a series of books written by Beth Love. In terms of principle, the first of Beth’s Six Guiding Principles for Fabulous Flavor is “Energy has a taste.” This principle acknowledges that the energy with which we prepare food infuses the end product with that taste. This principle is not limited to the arena of food preparation. Everything we do is permeated with the energy we carry during the process of creation and implementation.

Love is one of the most powerful qualities. In our company, we put love into everything so that the taste of love comes through in the activities, programs, books, and especially the food! We encourage you to prepare your food with the energy of love. If you try this technique, we believe you too will find that your food tastes like love!

Our Values

Tastes Like Love is a division of WholenessWorks, a company that exists to inspire practical and profound choices that promote wholeness and sustainability for individuals, families, communities, the earth, and all her inhabitants. The Tastes Like Love division focuses on inspiring dietary choices that promote wholeness and sustainability.

We are convinced that a whole foods, plant-based diet is the most powerful choice any individual can make to enjoy vibrant health and to contribute in a potent way to environmental sustainability, food justice, and compassion for all life. In addition to these core values, we are committed to inclusion, empowerment, community, generosity, and love.

About Beth Love

Beth Love has been creating luscious, vibrant foods that deeply nourish on all levels—palate, body, planet, heart, and soul­—for over four decades. She is a gifted teacher, ordained New Thought minister, personal coach, and author of the Tastes Like Love book series.

Beth delights in supporting people with personal and group transformation. She has engaged multiple audiences, large and small, with her speaking and facilitation skills, in contexts as diverse as the California state prison system, churches and businesses, local community television, and the Oprah Show.