30-Day Health Challenge

Dedicate thirty days to a radical commitment to vibrant health!

Would you like support with your New Year’s resolutions? Next Challenge starts on January 13.

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Are you frustrated because you know that eating better would make you feel better, but you keep eating in a way that hurts your body and leaves you feeling uncomfortable, demoralized, and disappointed in yourself? Do you tell yourself you are going to make healthier eating choices, then find yourself reaching for the junk food, the sugar or the cheese yet again?

There is a way to take your food and your health back into your own hands. You can learn about a simple-to-comprehend approach to eating that has demonstrated proven health results in literally hundreds of thousands of studies. With expert guidance and support, you can get the information, inspiration, and tools you need so you can finally realize your health and eating goals quickly and sustainably.


That is why we created the 30–Day Health Challenge!


In this step-by-step program you will discover:

  • The most common dietary mistakes people make and how to avoid them
  • The 5 specific food groups that help you loose weight, feel great, reduce or eliminate your medical bills, and make you look and feel sexier
  • The 6 miraculous secrets to tame temptation and halt addictive eating
  • The 6 guiding principles for fabulous flavor
  • The confidence to consistently feed yourself truly sensational and deeply nourishing food without confusion or fear


Through upbeat live events, private and group coaching, and cutting-edge culinary classes, The 30-Day Health Challenge puts you soundly on your journey of going from discomfort and ill-health to bodily freedom, vitality, and comfort beyond your wildest imagination!


Stop suffering with dis-ease, lackluster energy, and pain, and instead help yourself to the amazing possibilities of the 30-Day Health Challenge.

Claim your vibrant food and vibrant life today!


The next Challenge starts January 13, 2018. All live events take place in Santa Cruz, CA. Virtual attendance is available upon advance arrangement.

Past Participants Share their Successes

After the past 3 years of health challenges, I wanted to take a leap of faith and experience if a plant based, whole foods diet would be beneficial. Almost immediately I started noticing my health improve: moods, emotions, physical, sleep, etc. As a result of doing the 30-Day Health Challenge, my cholesterol dropped 39 points in three weeks of eating a plant based whole foods diet—plus other bonuses: restless leg syndrome improved, heart palpitations stopped, I sleep better and deeper, and I LOVE TO EAT!!

Ruth Poe

Before starting the 30-Day Health Challenge I was eating at night, gorging on meals, and food was always in my thoughts. During the program I enjoyed having the support of a group. As a result of doing the Challenge, my hearing and vision improved, my blood glucose levels improved, I lost weight, and I experienced less inflammation. The biggest success was a good, friendly environment in which to make change.

Bob Trujillo

Before taking the 30-Day Health Challenge I was suffering from low back pain, foggy thinking, and tiredness. During the program I became more aware of my emotions and how out of touch I had become with my eating habits. This was my miracle that has become a wonderful new relationship with my food and life. As a result of the program, I feel so much better! My thinking became clearer and I experienced a reduction in pain and inflammation. My lower back shifted back into alignment. I have significantly less cellulite on my body. I have more energy, more joy, and wake up better. My appetite for yummy whole food is back again. I am so grateful!

Dawni Pappas

What You Will Get:

Launch Your Vibrant Health: Half-day event including a hearty, delicious, whole foods, plant-based meal, group connection, coaching, inspiration, and fun! Value: $140

One Hour Individual Coaching Session: Use your session to get support with your challenges, food ideas, pantry evaluation, or whatever will help you with your goals. Value: $200

Accountability Support: Workbook to chart progress, weekly check-ins, additional support. Value: $50

Tastes Like Love One Month Basic Membership: Includes group coaching and membership in private Facebook group. Value: $50

Outstanding Results Celebration: Half-Day Event includes inspiration, community, sharing, celebration, next steps, and a whole foods plant-based potluck meal. Value: $100

Special Bonus 1: Optional individual coaching at half price. Value: up to $200

Special Bonus 2: Optional whole foods, plant-based culinary classes at lowest discounted rate. Value: up to $70

Special Bonus 3: Recipes, food stocking system, meal plans. Value: $50

30-Day Health Challenge Total Price: $860

Discounted Rate Until January 12, 2018: $297

Save over $550!

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About Our Facilitator

Rev. Chef Beth Love is the author of the Tastes Like Love book series. She has been studying about and preparing whole foods since the early 1970s, with a focus in the last two decades on the healing power of a plant-based lifestyle. She has supported hundreds of individuals, families, and groups through transformational processes. A gifted speaker, facilitator, teacher, and ordained minister, Beth has motivated and educated people in diverse contexts such as nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, businesses, and the California State Prison system. She has inspired large and small audiences, in-person and through radio and television, from local community TV to the Oprah show. Beth Love delights in teaching people to create amazingly delicious and deeply satisfying foods that please the palate, nourish the body, demonstrate compassion for animals, and have a light footprint on the earth.