Are you ready to make a change, but know you need support?

  • Do you struggle in your relationships with food, self, partner, children and/or others?
  • Are you willing to go on a deep dive to heal whatever issues are holding you back?
  • Is NOW the time for you to take on a radical level of self-care, matched by outstanding results?
  • Do you need some inspiration and support to navigate your journey of transformation?

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About Rev. Beth Love

Rev. Beth Love, the author of the book series, Tastes Like Love, comes to her coaching and spiritual counseling practice with a comprehensive set of skills, experiences, and expertise. As a minister with decades of experience supporting individuals, families, and groups through transformational processes, she is well versed in the terrain of transformation and powerful tools for navigating that journey. As a powerful, self-loving, and successful person who has herself effectively healed tremendous childhood trauma and supported others to do this, she is able to inspire her clients to amplify their sense of possibility for their own healing. As a person who has been a leader in the nonprofit realm since early adulthood, Beth is able to think strategically, and is oriented toward building on the many strengths her clients demonstrate, rather than focusing on deficits, with the result that clients become able to better acknowledge their own strengths and gifts. And as a plant-based chef immersed in the study and practice of whole foods nutrition and preparation for more than four decades, Beth is able to provide concrete support, tools, and resources to assist people in transforming their diets, their relationship with food, and their health. These varied experiences and skills come together in a wholistic and synergistic way that allows Beth to help clients with a wide range of needs, histories, and dreams.

Client Successes

After the past 3 years of health challenges, I wanted to take a leap of faith and experience if a plant based, whole foods diet would be beneficial. Almost immediately I started noticing my health improve: moods, emotions, physical, sleep, etc. As a result of working with Beth, my cholesterol dropped 39 points in three weeks of eating a plant based whole foods diet—plus other bonuses: restless leg syndrome improved, heart palpitations stopped, I sleep better and deeper, and I LOVE TO EAT!!

Ruth Poe

Before starting to work with Beth, I was eating at night, gorging on meals, and food was always in my thoughts. During Beth’s group program I enjoyed having the support of a group. As a result of doing this program, my hearing and vision improved, my blood glucose levels improved, I lost weight, and I experienced less inflammation. The biggest success was a good, friendly environment in which to make change.

Bob Trujillo

Before working with Beth I was suffering from low back pain, foggy thinking, and tiredness. Through working with Beth, I became more aware of my emotions and how out of touch I had become with my eating habits. This was my miracle that has become a wonderful new relationship with my food and life. As a result, I feel so much better! My thinking became clearer and I experienced a reduction in pain and inflammation. My lower back shifted back into alignment. I have significantly less cellulite on my body. I have more energy, more joy, and wake up better. My appetite for yummy whole food is back again. I am so grateful!

Dawni Pappas